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Vèb kreyòl ayisyen

Vèb kreyòl ayisyen (Tradiksyon)
tab (to table)
tabli (to establish)
tache (to stain)
tade (to delay, to be late)
tande (to hear, listen)
tann (to wait)
tante (to tempt, to try to)
tchat (to chat)
tchipe (to suck one's teeth)
telechaje (to download)
telefòne (to call)
temwaye (to witness, to testify)
tèrifye (to appall)
tete (to succle, to feed from breast)
titre (to titre)
tonbe (to fall)
totalize (to sum up, to total)
touche (to touch)
toufe (to choke)
toumante (to tease)
tounen (to turn back)
touye (to kill)
tradui (to translate)
tranble (to tremble)
tranche (to slice)
trangle (to strangle)
trankilize (to reassure)
trase (to plot)
travay (to work)
trayi (to betray)
trennen (to drag)
tresayi (to flinch)
trese (to braid)
trikote (to knit)
trimen (to toil)
twoke (to barter)
twonpe (to deceive)
twouble (to confuse)
twouve (to find)