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Vèb kreyòl ayisyen

Vèb kreyòl ayisyen (Tradiksyon)
padone (to forgive)
pafime (to pafime)
pake (to park)
pale (to talk)
panche (to tilt)
panike (to panic)
panse (to think)
pantan (to startle)
parafraze (to parafraze)
paralize (to paralyze)
parèt (to appear)
pase (to pass)
pasifye (to pacify)
pasterize (to pasteurize)
pataje (to share)
pati (to part)
patinen (to skid)
peche (to sin)
pedal (to pedal)
pèdi (to loss)
pèfeksyone (to perfect)
pele (to shovel, to peel)
pèmèt (to allow)
penetre (to penetrate)
pentire (to paint)
penyen (to comb)
peple (to populate)
peri (to perish)
perime (to expire)
pèsekite (to persecute)
pèsyade (to convince)
peye (to pay)
peze (to weight)
pibliye (to publish)
pike (to sting, bite)
pile (to grind)
pilonnen (to crush)
pini (to punish)
pirate (to pirate)
pirifye (to purify)
plake (to affix)
planifye (to plan)
plante (to plant)
plase (to place)
plenyen (to complain)
plimen (to pluck, to rip off)
pliye (to fold)
plonje (to dive)
ponpe (to pump)
posede (to own, to posses)
pote (to bring)
pouri (to rot)
pouse (to push)
poze (to pose, to put down)
pran (to take)
pratike (to practice)
preche (to preach)
predi (to predict)
prefere (to prefer)
prese (to hurry)
pretann (to pretend)
prete (to borrow)
prezante (to present)
prezide (to preside)
priye (to pray)
pwodui (to produce)
pwofite (to profit)
pwograme (to program, to schedule)
pwoklame (to proclaim)
pwokreye (to procreate)
pwolonje (to extend)
pwomèt (to promise)
pwononse (to pronounce)
pwòpte (to clean, to cleanse)
pwospere (to thrive)
pwoteje (to protect)
pwoteste (to protest)
pyese (to stick together, to attach)
pyetine (to tread on, to trample)