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Vèb kreyòl ayisyen

Vèb kreyòl ayisyen (Tradiksyon)
machande (to haggle)
mache (to walk)
make (to mark)
malmennen (to torture)
mande (to request)
manifeste (to demonstrate, to show)
manje (to eat)
manke (to miss)
mansyone (to mention)
manti (to lie)
manyen (to touch)
mare (to tie)
marye (to marry)
masaje (to rub)
mase (to massage)
maske (to mask)
mate (to mate)
matirize (to bully)
medite (to meditate)
mefye (to mistrust)
melanje (to mixe)
mele (to mixe, to confuse)
menase (to threaten)
mennen (to link)
mentni (to mainten)
meprize (to ignore)
merite (to deserve)
mete (to put)
metrize (to mastery)
mezire (to measure)
miltipliye (to multiply)
minimize (to minimize)
minote (to handcuff)
modere (to moderate)
modi (to damn)
modifye (to Modify)
modle (to model)
moleste (to molest)
monte (to rise)
montre (to show)
motive (to motivate)
moulen (to grind)
mouri (to dead)
mouye (to wet)