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Vèb kreyòl ayisyen

Vèb kreyòl ayisyen (Tradiksyon)
damou (to be in love)
danse (to dance)
date (to date)
debat (to debate)
debòde (to overflow)
debouye (to cope with)
dechire (to tear apart)
defann (to defend)
defigire (to disfigure)
defòme (to deform)
defye (to challenge)
degoute (to disgust, to drip)
degrade (to degrade)
degrennen (to release)
degrese (to degrease, to slim down)
dejele (to unfreeze, to warm up, to thaw)
dejene (to have breakfast, to have lunch)
dejenere (to degenerate)
dekanpe (to clear out)
deklame (to declaim)
deklare (to say, to state, to declare)
dekonpoze (to decompose)
dekonsantre (to wander, to disturb, to decentralize)
dekonseye (to advise against)
dekontwole (to be misled)
dekore (to decorate)
dekouraje (to discourage)
dekouvri (to discover)
dekrete (to decree, to order)
dekri (to describe)
delibere (to deliberate)
delivre (to free, to relieve, to save)
delye (to dilute)
demele (to untangle, to sort out, to help oneself)
demisyone (to resign)
demode (to obsolete)
demoli (to demolish)
demontre (to demonstrate)
demoralize (to abash)
denonbre (to count)
depafini (to depafini)
depale (to depale)
depann (to depend)
deplase (to move)
deplimen (to pluck)
deposede (to disown)
depoze (to deposit)
deranje (to disrupt)
derefize (to withhold)
deregle (to disturb)
desann (to go down)
deseche (to deseche)
desevwa (to disappoint)
deside (to decide)
desine (to draw)
detache (to untie, let off)
detann (to relax)
detay (to details)
detekte (to detect)
detèmine (to determine)
deteste (to abhor)
detounen (to divert)
detwi (to destroy)
detwonpe (to detwonpe)
devaste (to devastate)
develope (to develop)
devine (to guess)
devwale (to reveal)
devye (to divert)
dezespere (to desperate)
dezète (to desert)
dezinye (to designate)
deziye (to designate)
deziyen (to designate)
dezonore (to dishonor)
dezoryante (to disorient, to throw off)
di (to say)
diminye (to reduce)
dirije (to rule, to lead)
disène (to discern)
disipline (to discipline)
diskalifye (to disqualify)
diskite (to discuss)
diskredite (to discredit)
disparèt (to disappear)
dispoze (to dispose)
distenge (to distinguish)
distribye (to distribute)
divize (to divide)
divòse (to divorce)
dokimante (to document)
domaje (to damage)
dòmi (to sleep)
domine (to dominate)
donte (to tame)
dosye (to record)
doute (to doubt)
dwe (to must, to have to)
dwoge (to addict)
dyaloge (to talk with)