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Vèb kreyòl ayisyen

Vèb kreyòl ayisyen (Tradiksyon)
bale (to broom)
bande (to bandage)
bani (to ban)
bare (to block, to bar, to steer)
barikade (to barricade)
baskile (to flip, fall over, tip over)
bat (to beat)
batay (to fight)
bati (to build)
bay (to give)
baze (to base)
bege (to stutter, to stammer)
beke (to peck)
benefisye (to benefit)
bese (to lower)
blame (to blame)
blese (to injure)
bliye (to forget)
bloke (to block)
bo (to kiss)
bobine (to reel)
bòde (to accost)
bonbe (to bulge)
bondi (to leap)
bouche (to block, to cork)
boude (to sulk, to pout)
bouje (to move)
boule (to burn)
boure (to stuff)
boutone (to button up)
brase (to mix, to knead)
brave (to brave)
brile (to burn)
briye (to shine, excel)
brize (to break)
bwè (to drink)
bwode (to embroider)
bwote (to move, to bring)