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Vèb kreyòl ayisyen

Vèb kreyòl ayisyen (Tradiksyon)
abandone (to abandon)
abdike (to abdicate)
abite (to live, to dwell)
abitye (to be used to)
abiye (to dress, wear)
aboli (to abolish)
abreje (to abbreviate)
absteni (to abstain)
abstrenn (to abstain)
achte (to buy)
adapte (to adapt)
adere (to adhere)
adikte (to addict)
adisyone (to add)
admèt (to admit)
administre (to administer)
admire (to admire)
adopte (to adopt)
adore (to worship)
adousi (to soften)
afekte (to affect)
afèmi (to firm, harden)
afere (to be busy)
afiche (to post)
afilye (to affiliate)
afime (to affirm)
afine (to refine)
aflije (to afflict)
afwonte (to face)
agase (to annoy, irrite)
agonize (to agonize)
agrandi (to expand)
agrave (to aggravate)
ajiste (to adjust)
ajite (to agitate)
ajoune (to adjourn)
ajoute (to add)
akimile (to accumulate)
akize (to accuse)
aklame (to acclaim)
akòde (to grant)
akomode (to accommodate)
akonpànye (to accompany)
akonpli (to accomplish)
akoste (to accost)
aksantye (to emphasize)
aksede (to access)
akselere (to accelerate)
aksepte (to accept)
aktive (to activate)
akwoche (to grip)
akyese (to acquiesce)
ale (to go)
aleche (to lure)
alfabetize (to teach reading and writing)
aliye (to align)
aliyen (to align)
altène (to alternate)
altere (to alter)
alye (to ally)
alyene (to alienate)
ame (to arm)
amegri (to thin)
amelyore (to improve)
amize (to enjoy, entertain)
analize (to analyze)
anbake (to embark, load)
anbarase (to puzzle, be perplexed)
anbeli (to embellish, beautify)
anbete (to tease)
anbrase (to embrace)
anchaje (to assign)
anchene (to chain)
andomaje (to damage)
andòmi (to sedate)
anestezye (to anestezye)
anflame (to inflame)
anfle (to swollen)
angaje (to engage)
angrese (to fatten)
anile (to cancel)
anime (to animate)
ankaje (to ankaje)
ankese (to ankese)
ankonbre (to overcome)
ankouraj (to ankouraj)
ankouraje (to encourage)
anlve (to lift up, abduct)
anmagazine (to anmagazine)
anmède (to bug, to annoy)
annuiye (to annoy)
anonse (to announce)
anpeche (to prevent)
anplifye (to anplifye)
anprizone (to imprison)
anpwazonnen (to poison)
anraje (to rabid)
ansèkle (to circle)
anseye (to teach)
ansoleye (to ansoleye)
antann (to controversial)
antase (to pile up)
antere (to bury)
antoure (to surround)
antre (to entry)
apante (to measure, to pace)
apiye (to lean)
aplati (to flatten)
aplodi (to cheer)
aprann (to learn)
apwoche (to approach)
apwopriye (to appropriate)
apwouve (to approve)
arete (to arrest)
asasine (to assassinate)
asasinen (to assassinate)
asayi (to assail)
asidifye (to acidify)
asiste (to assist)
asiye (to assign)
asosye (to associate)
asyeje (to besiege)
atache (to attach)
atake (to attack)
atann (to expect)
atenn (to reach)
ateri (to land)
atire (to attract)
atribiye (to attribute)
avanse (to advance)
avegle (to dazzle, to blind)
avèti (to warn)
avize (to advise)
avòte (to abort)
awoze (to irrigate)
ayere (to aerate)