(traduction en angalis)
abasourdir (to dumbfound, stun, bewilder)
abâtardir (to deteriorate, debase)
abâtardir (to degenerate)
abêtir (to make stupid)
abêtir (to become stupid)
abolir (to abolish)
aboutir (to end up, succeed)
abrutir (to degrade o.s.)
accomplir (to accomplish, carry out)
accroupir (to squat)
adoucir (to sweeten, soften)
adoucir (to get milder [weather])
affadir (to make tasteless, insipid)
affadir (to become tasteless, insipid)
affaiblir (to weaken, reduce)
affaiblir (to become weak, lose strength)
affermir (to strengthen, consolidate)
affermir (to become stronger)
affranchir (to stamp (letter), emancipate, set free (slave))
affranchir (to break free from)
agir (to act)
agrandir (to make larger)
agrandir (to grow larger)
aguerrir (to harden to hardship)
aguerrir (to become hardened)
ahurir (to bewilder, flabbergast)
aigrir (to embitter, sour)
aigrir (to turn sour, become embittered)
alourdir (to make heavy)
alourdir (to grow heavy, stupid, dull)
alunir (to land on the moon)
amaigrir (to make thin, impoverish (soil))
amaigrir (to grow thin)
amerrir (to alight (on the sea))
ameublir (to loosen, break up (soil))
amincir (to thin down, make thinner)
amincir (to slim down)
amoindrir (to reduce, diminish)
amoindrir (to diminish, grow less)
amollir (to soften)
amollir (to become soft)
amortir (to deaden (sound), amortize, depreciate)
amortir (to become deadened)
anéantir (to reduce to nothing)
anéantir (to vanish, come to nothing)
anoblir (to ennoble)
aplanir (to smooth (surface), plane (wood))
aplanir (to become smoother, easier)
aplatir (to flatten)
aplatir (to lie down flat, become flatter)
appauvrir (to impoverish)
appauvrir (to grow poor)
appesantir (to make heavy)
appesantir (to become heavy)
applaudir (to applaud)
applaudir (to congratulate o.s.)
approfondir (to deepen, study thoroughly)
approfondir (to grow deeper)
arrondir (to round off)
arrondir (to become round)
assagir (to calm down, sober)
assagir (to become wiser, sober down)
assaillir (to assault, attack)
assainir (to cleanse, make healthier)
assainir (to improve, become sounder)
asservir (to enslave, reduce to slavery)
asservir (to submit to, subject o.s. to)
assombrir (to darken)
assombrir (to cloud over, become dark)
assortir (to match (colours), stock (shop))
assoupir (to dull (pain), lull (passion), make drowsy (sb))
assoupir (to doze off)
assouplir (to make supple, soften)
assouplir (to become supple)
assourdir (to deafen, tone down)
assourdir (to die away, grow fainter)
assouvir (to quench (thirst), appease (passion))
assouvir (to become sated, glut o.s.)
assujettir (to subdue, fasten, curb (passions))
assujettir (to subject o.s. to, submit to)
attendrir (to make tender (meat), soften (vegetables))
attendrir (to be moved, become tender [meat])
atterrir (to land, touch ground)
attiédir (to cool down, make lukewarm)
attiédir (to cool off, become less enthusiast)
avachir (to loose one's energy, become sloppy)
avertir (to warn, notify)
aveulir (to make indifferent)
aveulir (to become indifferent)
avilir (to degrade, render vile)
avilir (to demean o.s., lose value)