A tongue-twister is a phrase that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly. Tongue-twisters may rely on similar but distinct phonemes, unfamiliar constructs in loanwords, or other features of a language. They are often used as an exercise to develop a flexible and expeditious diction. Here are some tongue-twisters in the English language. Try to read them. If you know some you can post them as a comment.
Try to say the following at least 5 times in a steady pace:

  • A critical cricket critic
  • A noisy noise annoys an oyster
  • A pale pink proud peacock pompously preened its pretty plumage
  • As the roaring rocket rose, the restless roosters rollicked
  • Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?
  • Cows graze in groves on grass which grows in grooves in groves
  • Fat dogs frying fritters and fiddling ferociously
  • Good blood, bad blood
  • I never felt felt that felt like that felt felt
  • I never smelled a smelt that smelled as bad as that smelt smelled
  • Lotty licks lollies lolling in the lobby
  • Naughty Nettie’s knitting knotted nighties for the Navy
  • Quinn’s twin sisters sing tongue twisters
  • Red leather, yellow leather
  • Slippery seals slipping silently ashore
  • The big black-backed bumblebee
  • The sixth sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick
  • The wild wolf roams the wintry wastes.
  • Tom threw Tim three thumbtacks
  • Who washed Washington’s white woolen underwear when Washington’s washerwoman went West?
  • Yellow Yo-Yo’s

Which one is the hardest? Do you know some? Please, share and post some comments.