Look at you! Here you are again!
Alive! I missed you so much my friend.
We have a new eternal prospect of life.
Deadly earthquakes may no longer bring strife.

Do you remember the last one you lived? It was so unjust!
A beautiful Tuesday ended up in dust,
Ruin, rubble, and blackout; there was nowhere to roam.
Wrong place, wrong time, you were crushed by your home.

Many other people had died the same way.
The earth kept shaking many times that day.
For news and to help, the world turned to Port-au-Prince.
The brothers quickly organized to help ever since.

I called and asked for you, but I had found no news.
No news is good news, I kept saying to cure my blues.
But you were gone. That loss was unbearable!
Only time could cure this, but waiting is terrible.

Our God is Almighty. He appointed Jesus as King.
The later conquered death and his praises we sing!
Oops! … This has only been a dream of mine.
I can’t wait for it to come true for all time.

Poem in memory of a few friends that have passed away in the January 12, 2010’s earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti….including Sylvie Sanon, Gustave Desir…
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