I came across a spring one day
High up on a mountain side
I stopped awhile, to admire
The beauty displayed before me

Merely water, one might say
Much more than that

Full of joy, I remember
I remember a girl
Of my youth
A girl like this spring

Graceful, elegant
Lovely to behold
Flowing; gently
Clear, pure mind
Soft, smooth heart

Washing over the troubles
Of this life
Swirling round and round in
Quiet eddies of grace

She carries blessings
Through a dry and dusty world
Nourishment to the weak
Compassion to the needy
Encouragement to all

Splashing down life's paths
Spreading true peace
Accomplishing little miracles
Wherever she goes
Flowers grow up near her
The fruit of her deeds

And what can ever stop her?
Who could hold her back?
Loving; caring, yes
But powerful as well

Patiently, she pools her strength
Suddenly bursting forth
Laughing at the obstacle
She has overcome

Cool, untainted passion
Calm, refreshing resolve
Radiant personality
Speaking words of wisdom
Blessing all those
Around her

How I wish
To linger here
Perhaps forever
Captured, by the beauty of a spring
Captured, by the memory of a girl