Sometimes I go there,
When I'm feeling down,
The only place where
I can be myself.
I sometimes think its meant to be
This love affair with solitude
Wanting quiet, wanting peace,
In love with its other attributes.
Joy, sadness, pain,
All can be expressed without restraint
or fear of being misunderstood.
I've worked through my sorrow,
And cry out triumphantly
I look around for someone to share happiness with
Only to find that there is only me.
No one else.
I used to enjoy my times in lonely
until I saw that some moments are meant to be shared
With others
Who can relate
Who can share their pain,joy and sorrow
While lonely is sometimes needed,
Interactions with others allow us
to see ourselves in full measure.
In lonely, I am most myself,
I should be happy to be real,
But then I realize that being in lonely
Means that I am alone.