Facebook is an ideal place to start a business. Think about it. There are literally millions of users on the site. They belong to groups and networks. They use the different site applications. Basically, they are sharing their lives and interests with you so that you can help enhance it.

If you look back at the Social Networking chapter, you’ll notice that we talked about the ethic of social""networking. These absolutely apply when using the site to promote your business. You first need to make sure that your actions aren’t violating the terms of use. If they are, you need to change your approach.

Also, make sure that no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, that you don’t use the site to SPAM people. You will not be successful on the site this way. You’ll just annoy people.

If you use the site ethically and follow the terms of use, you won’t have any problems.


The basic philosophy behind using the site for business is to do what you can to build a community around your profile, service, and/or product. If you just post a bunch of links and a sales pitch, people won’t respond to that. They want to get to know the company or brand and have a good time there.

For example, if you run a fantasy football site, your profile will focus on your love for the game. You may also start a group with fantasy football as the theme. You can post your ad and the link for your fantasy football service in the group and those who are interested will click on it.

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