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Novasyon: Infomation and education with fun!

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Some Topics about the Novasyon website.

Novasyon Poem

Nice poems on multiple subject and in 4 languagues. You are welcome to submit your poems as well.


Haitian Creole collectiion of words and dictionary. 

Novasyon Quotes

Huge collection of inspirational quotes. Multiple topics.

Novasyon Proverbs

Huge collection of English quotes. Proverbs are available as well in 3 other languages.

Novasyon Jokes

Collection of funny and clean jokes

Novasyon for you

Many more Modules are available in Novasyon.

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Poems about life, joy, friendship, love, nature, relationship. And a lot more.

Innovative Quotes

Inspirational and innovative quotes. A lot of word of wisdom from here and elswhere.

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