Novasyon is a web site that promotes education. Consisted primarily of an Haitian Creole translation dictionary and text translation software from English / French / Spanish to Creole and vice versa – something new on the net – that’s where the name Novasyon (Creole word for [in]novation) comes from.

We aims to open the Creole language to the world and help Creole spoken people (and their neighbors interested in the language) to have a lot of important resources that are yet to become larger every day. And the information on the site will be for any people from any part of the world that can read them in Creole / English / French / Spanish.
The personal are mostly young who are conscious of the lack of resources confronted by the Creole language and want to make a difference, to make a Novasyon.

Some of our goals

– Encouraging poetry to have site activities and contents.
– Provide materials to [learn Haitian Creole, English, French and Spanish.
– Etc. Etc…