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    Anatomie & Physiologie (4 questions)
    Français: Question d'anatomie et de Physiologie - Niveau rhéto

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    Mathematics (44 questions)
    Maths related question. Level: High School

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    Computer (110 questions)
    Computer and programming related questions

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    English (19 questions)
    Vocabulary and grammar questions

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    General Knowledge (54 questions)
    Various questions

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    Science (19 questions)
    Are you smarter than a 12th grade student? Prove it ! (Level: High School)

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    Literary history (11 questions)
    Do you like literature? - Show what you know!

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    Physiology (10 questions)

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    L'histoire littéraire (11 questions)
    Questions d'histoire littéraire

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    Informatique (108 questions)
    Questions d'Informatique

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    Sciences Naturelles (18 questions)
    Questions de sciences naturelles


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