by mkbhasi

These unfamiliar winding paths
knocking at
unknown fortresses

A wayward inn,
covered in smoke
from an extinguished oil-lamp

Wait here a while;
there's no time
to lie down and sleep.

Before the night ends
pack up your bag
and get going.

You have to reach
the distant land
on the other side.

This is a journey
where you never see again
the path you leave behind.

This is a journey
where those gone this way
never come back to tell the story. 
Poems of the World (USA)1999 Spring Issue - Pg 19
This poem appears in an anthology, MEMORIES OF THE MILLENIUM-- published by the International Library of Poetry, USA (Jan 2001).
Yaatra is one of the ten poems selected for the CD-Rom,
The Sound of Poetry, by Int'l Library of Poetry.



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    -0001-11-30 00:00:00 louis

    Se yon powèm m ekri patikilyèman nan memwa Sylvie Sanon Dominique ak Gustave Désir. De nan pi pwòch zanmi m ki te mouri nan tranbleman tè 12 janvye 2010 la nan Pòtoprens, Ayiti. E pou anpil lòt moun mwen tou. Èske powèm sa a raple w de kèk moun? Ou ka fè kòmantè sou yo la a.